Bruno Welsch, President & CEO


Ulrich Bornkessel, BU Manager


Hans Peter Oberle, CEO


Michael Geis, Managing Director


Vllaznim Xhiha, Chairman at EYE


Sebastain von Stauffenberg, CEO


Reiner Schmid, CEO





  • Thomas Fischer

    Head of Siemens Building Technologies in Switzerland and Southern Europe

    "Dear Bruno, you have created 'value', not only for us as a business, but also for our employees, in the best sense of the word. And bearing this in mind, your services are excellent value, even if they're expensive."

    Daniel Frutig

    CEO Medela

    "I have personally studied the AUGUSTONI method and have been able to reap a lot of benefits from it. I am completely confident in the way it works."

    Dr. Björn Avak

    Head of Sales

    "Your sales method have not only helped me in the past, but will continue to help me in the future."

    Dr. Siqiang Qin

    Manager Project Development

    You should not miss the Augustoni Sales Training, because it is inspiring very much!"

  • Thomas Meister


    "Bruno Augustoni makes valuable contributions to perfecting the competences of our employees in terms of canvassing and negotiation. For me, it is clear to see the ROI."

    David Rjesh Sundardas

    PLM, India

    "The communication training with you has enabled our team members to keep their calm through difficult customer meetings... and to get clear and value adding actions with their counterpart."

    Julia Zhang

    Sales Manager, CTS

    "Dear Bruno. Thank you so much. You are always my Shifu (Master). It (canvassing negotiation) was successful and I got all the information I needed."

    Dirk Gorges

    Senior Vice President

    "Bruno Augustoni is an excellent motivational figure, offering a unique, practice-oriented method that CEOs across the entire globe have implemented with success. His method is both consistent and sustainable thanks to his multilingualism."


    Chief executive of Dürr equipment manufacturer, German CEO of the year

    "Bruno Augustoni understands how to professionally coach managerial staff from the most diverse cultures who have already experienced success in such a way that they can further develop their skills in line with corporate goals."

    Holger Richter

    Zumtobel Group

    "With your good questions in the canvassing negotiation we close the deal much faster and as such, we are much more efficient."

    Alexander Diebold

    Zumtobel Group

    "I think it’s great that we pick out a current case during the coaching session and that Mr. Augustoni personally participates in our sales process with his specific support."

    Hansueli Steiger

    Stark AG

    "Mr. Augustoni guided us magnificently through training. Thank you. We’ll award him 10 out of a maximum of 10 points."

  • Carsten Walddörfer

    Dürr Systems AG

    "Bruno Augustoni is the best."

    Kurt Hofmann

    CEO, Australia

    "I have to say that I had a few trainings in my history, but you do have quite interesting and very good basics and I without trying to be nice to you, have to say it’s been the best I have seen. It’s simply great. I like the positive aspect in you and the very happy nature, also your own active involvement."


    Business Manager

    "The Augustoni method works also very well in Australia in English. And the training personally pushed me really forward. Thank you for that!"

    Ronny Zeibig

    Production manager

    "It is certainly more than 10 years when I got the opportunity to have a training with you. Great that you are still conveying your knowledge with the same enthusiasm. Some trainings later, I can say, for me, you are the best!"

  • Matthew Smith

    Head of Facility Management ENGIE Germany

    "I have trained with Mr Augustoni on three occasions over the course of a year and can honestly say that it was the most useful training I have ever taken part in. I highly recommend him."